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Fresh Flowers VS Artificial Flowers

Reading Time: Approx 5 minutes.

A lot of couples might question the cost of fresh flowers and wonder whether using artificial flowers is the way to go for their big day.... In this blog post we will discuss the reasons why we only offer Fresh / Dried Flowers and the Pros and Cons of using both. For an alternative to Fresh AND Artificial flowers scroll down to the bottom of the page and be directed to one of our recommended suppliers within the paper flower industry.

So lets get this discussion started!

As a Florist that works in the Wedding industry, we see a lot of evidence to support fresh over fake for your day. We have had countless Brides contact us AFTER buying their bouquets online after being unhappy with the quality and general feel of the product. Here are Our top 5 reasons for only working with Fresh or dried Flowers at The Floral Archer:

  • Free flowing, natural beauty and grace - We know you want to feel a million dollars in your Photographs (as you should) but with a rigid, structured bouquet made from artificial flowers you are missing out on the fun, carefree and natural beauty. Fresh flowers and foliage bounce and will move with you as you walk down the aisle and around your venue!

  • Fresh flowers can be preserved, dried and pressed! You will have a lot more options if wanting to keep your wedding day flowers as a memento or gift them to a family member. You can also turn your flowers into confetti for any Weddings you might have coming up in future!

  • Texture, texture, texture. If you were to hold an artificial Rose up to a Fresh Rose there really is no comparison. The velvety petals and soft fragrance that emenates from Garden Roses cannot be matched with plastic. Why not pop a few of your Rose petals into a couples bath in the days after your Wedding. Talk about romance!

  • If you'd rather not have flowers and prefer greenery you have the option of speaking to your Florist about an all green wedding! Greenery is just as expensive as flowers but certainly gives a natural look and timeless for photographs! If you're inclined you can forage yourself for willow, birch or other branches to save costs when covering supporting structures in marquees for example. Still a fantastic option and great if you're looking for something different on your day that is long lasting and durable. Just another reason why we love fresh.

  • Lastly there is something quite magical about being handed your Bridal bouquet by a professional Florist. It features as a key moment as you're getting ready when learning exactly how to hold, position and present your flowers for the best possible angle when walking down the aisle! Delivered in water and wrapped with luxurious our opinion more preferable than unpacking your bouquet from a box in the post!

And now for the opposing argument!

One of the main reasons that couples give about seeking to purchase silk or artificial flowers is the opinion that it might be a more budget friendly option. Artificial flowers do have great benefits and we have listed our top 5 reasons you might want to shop artificial flowers below:

  • Artificial flowers are perfect if you are planning on eloping for your special day. They don't require water and can be bent back into shape if moved in transit!

  • Artificial flowers can be kept in storage or used around the house to recognise wedding anniversary's and also make a wonderful item to pass down to family members as their something "borrowed."

  • There are some very available options to purchase artificial or silk wedding flowers online! Popular sites like "Etsy" have multiple colour options that you won't likely see when choosing fresh flowers. Perfect if you have an original colour palette in mind!

  • Anxiety Free Flowers! You can receive your Bridal bouquet usually days or weeks in advance if ordering for a Florist that specialises in Artificial or silk flowers meaning there's no need for any worrying about a supplier no show!

  • Hay fever Free! If you struggle with hay fever or are particularly sensitive to fresh flowers, choosing artificial will prevent you from suffering with any puffy eyes or tickly throats when walking down that aisle!

Artificial flowers are not something we offer here at The Floral Archer however we do work with dried flowers and can incorporate artificial elements if you are having a large scale flower installation that requires a rigid structure. We like our flowers to be as fresh as possible for our Wedding couples and know you will revel in the experience you can only get from receiving fresh, carefully selected and pruned flowers...

What will you be choosing? Fresh or Artificial Flowers? Vote Now.

  • Fresh Flowers Only!

  • Going for Artificial / Silk Flowers!

Are you looking for something completely different for your Bridal Bouquet / Wedding Flowers? Visit Clare at "Petal and Bird." A paper based creator and floral designer. Click Here.


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