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How to Choose the Perfect Funeral Flowers: The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Meaningful Tribute

Flower Types and Colour Palette

Colour and scent will add to your experience when choosing flowers for a funeral. We will ask about your loved one's simple pleasures in life. For example, if they were a keen gardener they will likely have a favourite flower or foliage. If they were a passionate cook... what was their favourite herb...? all of these elements and pieces of information will personalise their tribute and make it custom to the person you are saying farewell to.

Shape and Size of Funeral Tribute

Due to our sustainability commitment, we no longer offer floral foam products therefore our casket sprays are available in teardrop, crosses and other simple shapes that we can custom make using moss, chicken wire and Agra wool (which is a foam alternative that is biodegradable). This has no effect on the way the flowers and flowers absorb their water source.


Choose a main tribute (4ft - 5ft) with designs available from £360.00 or choose to have a smaller (3 ft) tribute and use remaining florals (approx 3 X £55 Bouquets) as decoration for the wake.

Our funeral flowers focus on Wildflower styling and highlighting natural, rustic beauty.

Delivery Method and Flowers for the wake.

We will coordinate directly with the funeral home regarding delivery of flowers before the service to ensure your tribute is ready to be displayed for the funeral. We will contact you to ask for any personal messages you'd like to be added to the tribute at the time of booking to give you time to write your final farewell in the days leading up to the service.

Payment and Pricing

On some occasions, paying for funeral flowers may have been an unexpected cost. There are ways to spread the cost with our payment partners which you will be informed at during your price quote. Spending time investing in the elements above will ensure 100% satisfaction with the service provided to you by The Floral Archer Ltd. Please note, our funeral flowers begin from £360.00.

"Our Loved One has a Powerful Legacy. It is not length of life, but depth of life. By Emerson Ralph Waldo"

It is an honour for us to be chosen to adorn your loved one with their final bouquet of blooms.

Please contact us directly on 03300 435 251 to discuss options for farewell flowers.


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